Time Rift

Time Rift or Crack Fixing is a Daily Quest that allows you to loot some pretty nice equipments although it only gives you small amount of exp.

You can do Time Rift Fixing 5 times per day, after that you won’t get any reward from it.
How to do Time Rift in Ragnarok M : Trinity

1. Create a Party
You have to be in a party to do a Time Rift. You can do Time Rift with only yourself in a party, but it would be very hard and take a long time. Sure you can do that for a low level Time Rift.

2. Talk to the NPC near the Quest Board, Exchange NPC, and Kafra.

3. Select the Time Rift that you want to fix

The easiest one is West Gate Rift and it could give you Clip and Strength Ring which can be sold at a high price. But there are some other places that would give you greater rewards. These are the Time Rift lists.
⦁ West Gate Rift Lv25+
⦁ Undersea Cave Lv40+
⦁ Mountain Mjolnir Lv45+
⦁ Sograt Desert Lv50+
⦁ Payon Forest Lv55+
⦁ Orc Village Lv65+
⦁ Glast Heim Lv75+
4. Go to the Time Rift and let your Party Leader open that Rift

5. Clear all the monster. The drop items will be randomized for each member. Also, the amount of items dropped either in a party or solo will be the same.