Endless Tower

Endless Tower (ET) is unlocked when your character Base Level reaches 52. You can unlock it by going to Izlude Island and talk to NPC Karoo (the NPC while allows you to teleport to Sunken Ship etc.) After that, you will have to go to Endless Island through the same NPC every time.

Why is is so important? Endless Tower drops are very profitable. You could earn Millions of Zeny every week if you are lucky. Drops such as Raccoon Leaf is fairly common in ET.
Select Origin of “Tower” to go to Endless Island. At the Island, locate the NPC as shown in the map.

Then, select Endless Tower.

You will be prompt to select the floor, and everyone will start from Floor 1. You could resume the Endless Tower when where you’ve last cleared. For example, if your party have cleared Floor 58, your party could enter Floor 58 directly for that week (ET reset weekly at Monday 5.00 AM GMT+7).

Alternately, you could “instant” clear your previous cleared floors (previous week) with Ancient Tower Golden Ejector item (buy with meatballs). The item will be unlocked for every 10 floors cleared. 
For example, clearing floor 58 will unlock Ancient Tower Golden Ejector V (instant clear till floor 50). The higher the floor level, the more meatballs is required.

For every 10th floor, there will be a MVP. The MVP is weakened according to the floor level but could still poses a threat to your party. For most parties, they will have to find dpstank and healer. But for this method, you only have to find dps. Everyone could be the tank with this method.

If you are needed to be a tank and you do not have a tank job, my method will be suitable for you.
All you need to do is go to Exchange and search for MINI or MVP transformation scroll (under Scroll/Album). Choose and buy the scroll suitable for your level. You will have to buy “Honey” under potion tab as well (heals 25% hp/sp). The transformation scroll allows you to gain the stats (including HP) of the MINI/MVP. Using Atroce scroll for example will gives you 10 Million HP.


You are required to buy several scrolls (each scroll lasts 30 mins) to refresh and some Honey if your party do not have a healer. Using the scroll again will also Heal you completely. For the MVP stage, the transformed tank will have to go up alone (others waiting at the entrance area below). Tank will need to engage the MVP (and other mobs if you haven’t clear it before) alone and try to hold the aggro (as MVP aggro changes to healer/dps quickly). Try to move around so that the aggro will remain on you, while other dps will be hitting the mobs and MVP from below.

Depending on you and your team, it may take a few times to fully familiar with this method. It may also take awhile to kill the MVP as not all dps is ranged hitter. Invest more time together and you will clear higher and higher floors each week!