Live stream event!


Live stream event!
Have a nice day! Today we will have a small live stream event for everyone. This is your chance to show yourself to the world! To participate, it’s very simple:
Step 1: Live stream ROM Trinity to our group, Discord, or your Facebook. Minimum time 1 hour! Remember to include “” in your live stream post!
Step 2: Post your live stream link below this post, like and share this post as well. Event post:
We will summarize and proceed to deliver the codes to those who are eligible to receive the codes! Codes will be delivered every night via Facebook messenger! Note, only use the main Facebook, use fake Facebook will not receive the code! (Have over 100 friends!)
Live stream code contents:
-Raccoon leaf x 1
-Gold medal x 1
-Peak Shard x 1
-Yggdrasil Berry x 5
-Colorful Shell x 50
————————————————— ——————-