How to Unlock Job Level 70 using Peak Shards (Job Breakthrough Guide)

How to unlock job breakthrough and how to buy Peak Shards from Guild Vending Machine using Silver Medals

Did you know that you can extend your Job Level from 40 to 70? And that you can increase your skill’s levels beyond their maximum level?

In Ragnarok M: Trinity , this is called Job Breakthrough. It requires collecting an item called Peak Shards.

This guide will teach you the benefits of Job Breakthrough, how to unlock it and how to obtain lots of Peak Shards to reach Job Level 70 as soon as possible.


What are the benefits of Job Breakthrough?

1. Increase Skill Level limit of skills

The first obvious benefit of Job Breakthroughs is being able to extend the skill level limit on some skills.

For example, Assassins can extend their Sonic Blow level from Lv 10 to 15, while High Wizards can extend their Lord of Vermillion and Storm Gust skills from Lv 10 to 20!

Imagine the potential damage your skills can deal when extended beyond their normal max level.

2. Requirement for 3rd Class Job Change

Secondly, it is required for job changing to 3rd class.

At the time of writing, we’re only limited to Transcendent classes but in future episodes, we’ll be able to transition into the 3rd class.

Unlocking Job Breakthrough as early as now will prepare you to job change into 3rd class as soon as they’re released on our servers.

How to Unlock Job Breakthrough


  • Transcendent Job Level 40
  • 500,000 zeny
  • 30 Silver Medals

Once you reach Job 40 as a Transcendent job, talk to Sjilly NPC in Prontera near the target dummy. She’ll ask some questions, then she will ask you to talk to Higgy Eez inside the Adventurer Hall.

Sjilly NPC to unlock job breakthrough in Prontera to achieve job level 70

Higgy Eez will ask you for 500,000 zeny and 30 Silver Medals.

Give him the requirements and you’ll unlock Job Breakthrough!

In addition, your Job Level will be extended to Job Lv. 43 for free.

How to Extend to Job Level 70

To further extend your Job Level to 70, talk to Alice Fona in the Guild Hall.

Alice Fona Peak Shard Job Breakthrough NPC in Guild Hall to increase job level limit

You will need 9 Peak Shards per 3 Job Levels. This means extending to Job Level 70 requires a total of 81 Peak Shards.

That’s a lot of Peak Shards! Here’s how to obtain them and why you should start collecting them as soon as possible.

How to Get Peak Shards

1. Guild Hall Vending Machine

The only way to manually obtain Peak Shards is by buying them from your Guild’s Incredible Vending Machine, a Guild Hall Facility.

Buy Peak Shards from Incredible Vending Machine Guild Hall facility using Silver Medals Gold Medal or Nibulengen Shard

You can buy one Peak Shard per each of the following currencies daily (i.e. total of 3 Peak Shards per day):

  • 20 Silver Medals — obtained from daily quests
  • 2 Gold Medals — obtained from Guild Donation
  • 20 Nibulengen Shards — obtained from Valhalla Ruins

Silver Medals are the cheapest and easiest currency to obtain among the three.

Start making it a habit to buy Peak Shards ASAP and add make it a part of your daily routine.

2. Assistant Rewards

You’ll also get a few Peak Shards as rewards from your Assistant:

  • 1 Peak Shard — after finishing the Job Breakthrough quest
  • 3 Peak Shards — after obtaining your first 8 Peak Shards
  • 5 Peak Shards — after doing a job breakthrough once (i.e. Job 44-46)

That’s a total of 9 free Peak Shards, which means you only need to collect 72 more Peak Shards to reach Job Level 70.


How to Get Lots of Silver Medals

To buy 72 Peak Shards using Silver Meals alone, you’ll need a total of:

72 Peak Shards x 20 Silver Medals each = 1,440 Silver Medals

Job Level Peak Shards Silver Medals
41–43 None (free after Sjilly quest) 0
44–46 9 180
47–49 9 180
50–52 9 180
53–55 9 180
56–58 9 180
59–61 9 180
62–64 9 180
65–67 9 180
68–70 9 180
Total 81 1,440

Obviously it could be less if you’re willing to spend Gold Medals and Nibulengen Shards too.

Here are all the methods on how to obtain Silver Medals:

  1. Message Board Quests
  2. Monster Resistance Quests
  3. Training Grounds
  4. Time Rifts
  5. Endless Tower
  6. Guild Quests
  7. PVP Arena

So make sure to keep doing your dailies to collect as much Silver Medals as you can. (Adventure Meatballs are your friends!)

Also, don’t forget the weekly limit—you can only obtain up to 80 Silver Medals per week. (100 for Premium)



So that’s how to instantly clear Time Rifts without spending time, effort and in-game resources—an easy way to earn semi-passive zeny income and become filthy rich in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love. Just remember to keep collecting those Adventure Meatballs to buy Purification Holy Grails. Your pets will be your best friends.

Have fun clearing Rifts and good luck on getting those sweet sweet rare loots!