How to Hire Cat Mercenary

cat mercenary ragnarok mobile eternal

Kitty Cat Mercenaries are another great feature in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love. You can hire these tough but adorable cats to fight alongside your character similar to Pets, except they have better abilities and buffs. This guide will teach you about how to hire Cat Mercenaries in the game as well as their different quests and abilities.



There are four Cat Mercenaries in the game which you can hire for 1 day or 1 week. You must be at least level 25 to unlock them by finishing each of their quests. They each have different classes and abilities:

  1. Goro — healer, hire at Izlude
  2. Po — hunter, hire at Prontera
  3. Maysa — wizard, hire at Geffen
  4. Wasabi — tanker, hire at Geffen

1. Goro — healer

Skills: Heal your character’s HP
Quest requirements: I Like You/Magic Wand (from Amazing Toys NPC in Geffen)
Cost: 12,000 daily
Location: Izlude


2.Po — hunter

Skills: Slow down enemies
Quest requirements: 15 Tree Barks (Willows in West Prontera)
Cost: 10,000 daily
Location: Prontera

cat mercenary ragnarok mobile eternal love po cat

ragnarok mobile eternal love prontera


3. Maysa — mage

Skills: Deal magic damage, cast Dull status to enemies
Quest requirements: 40 I-like-you’s (from Amazing Toys NPC in Geffen)
Cost: 10,000 daily
Location: Geffen

cat mercenary ragnarok mobile eternal love maysa

ragnarok mobile eternal love geffen


4. Wasabi — tanker

Skills: Absorb some of incoming damage, deal Crit damage, HP regen (for himself, not player). Great for classes with low Def
Quest requirements: 60 Rotten Bandage (Poison Spore / Thief Bug Female)
Cost: 12,000 daily
Location: Geffen

cat mercenary ragnarok mobile eternal love wasabi

ragnarok mobile eternal love geffen


Kitty Cat Quests

To start hiring the cat mercenaries you need to finish each of their (very easy) quests.

Their quests only involve talking to NPCs or collecting items. Goro’s and Maysa’s quests will require you to get I-like-you’s or a Magic Wand. You can buy them for 500 zeny each from the Amazing Toys NPC in Geffen, he’s near the Geffen cats.

cat mercenary ragnarok mobile eternal love amazing toys npc i like you

cat mercenary i like you magic wand


How to hire a Cat Mercenary

Once you finish a Cat Mercenary’s quest, you can now hire them. They will cost 10,000/12,000 zeny per day or 60,000/72,000 zeny per week. You can also hire them for FREE! Just use Mercenary Tickets which you can get from Message Board quests. It will consume 1 ticket for 1 day hire duration. (It can’t be used for the 7-day hire duration.)

cat mercenary ragnarok mobile eternal love mercenary ticket

Once hired they will then be added to your party and start following you and help you in combat. You can hire multiple Cats but can only select one to fight along with you.

Hire 2 Cats to fight at a time!

When you reach Adventure Class E, you can buy the Mercenary Pact adventure skill which allows you to send 2 cats at a time to fight beside you!

cat mercenary eternal love adventure skill

Kicking Out/Firing a Cat Mercenary

You can temporarily remove a cat from the party by clicking on its icon in the party list and selecting “Kick Out”. You can invite them again after a 3 minute cooldown. Just go to Party > Invite and on the 4th Kitty Cat tab to invite a Cat.

cat mercenary ragnarok mobile eternal love

Note that even when a Cat is kicked out, the hire duration will still be ticking. If you want to end the cat’s hire duration just select “Fire.” You can then Renew their employment by inviting them again in the Kitty Cat tab of the party window. You can also talk to them in their respective locations in towns. (Note: sometimes there’s a bug where they don’t appear in town or in your party list, just leave your current party and create a new one. Try restarting the game as well)

If your cat dies, don’t panic—it won’t be gone for a long time. Just wait a few minutes for it to revive and get back up on its feet again!



Kitty Cat Mercenaries are a cheap and efficient method to improve your farming and leveling efficiency. You should always bring one with you during combat!