Guide to Rune System (Aesir Monument)

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The Rune system is a cool new feature in Ragnarok Mobile: Trinity. Similar to talent trees in RPG games, Runes give permanent stat increases to your character or bonus effects to your skills. For example, Swordsmen have a rune that adds 10% Bash damage, while Mages have runes that reduce cast times on certain skills.

This article will help you how to unlock the Aesir Monument and start activating your Runes.



How to unlock the Rune system/Aesir Monument

  1. Join a guild at Level 40
  2. Do a quest in the Guild Hall
  3. Receive Aesir Monument

How to start activating Runes

  1. Finish the Aesir Monument quest to receive the Aesir Monument item
  2. Start collecting Guild Contributions and Gold Medals by doing Guild activities like Guild Donation or Guild Dojo
  3. Use your Contributions to activate Runes in your Aesir Monument

1. Join a Guild and reach level 40

First you need to join a Guild or create one which requires an Emperium. You can purchase one at the Event NPC in Prontera for 200,000 zeny.

You also need to be at least level 40 to unlock the Rune system.

2. Go to Guild Hall and finish a quest

Once you’re in a Guild and reached level 40 you can now do the Aesir Monument quest. Just go to the Guild Hall through the More > Guild > Enter Hall and talk to this Valkyrie NPC in the left room.

ragnarok mobile eternal love guild runes aeisr monument npc valkyrie

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You will need to kill four sets of monsters and answer a question after each set. Just select the correct answer, it’s always the second choice.

ragnarok mobile eternal love guild runes quest

After doing the 4 trials just talk to the Valkyrie again and she will give you the Aesir Monument. You have now unlocked the Rune System!

ragnarok mobile eternal love guild runes aeisr monument

3. Receive Aesir Monument

You can now open the Runes tree by using the Aesir Monument. There will be an overwhelming amount of Runes and bonus stats, but don’t worry—we’ll have another guide on that soon! To start activating them you will need Contributions and Gold Medals. It’s the medal and the gold badge icons on the upper right.

ragnarok mobile eternal love guild runes bonus effects


How to get Guild Contributions and Gold Medals

Runes usually cost around 150 to a few hundred Contributions, so it’s important to collect them always to finish your Rune path faster. There are multiple ways to earn Contribution medals:

  • Guild Donations (full guide: Guild Donation Guide)
  • Guild Dojo — gives around 150 Contributions per area completion and 5 Contributions when assisting guild members
  • Guild’s Gift — gives 25 Contributions. Receive from rewards
  • Valkyrie’s Gift — gives 500 Contributions. Receive from special rewards like event quests

ragnarok mobile eternal love guild runes bonus effects

Some Runes that have special effects on skills require another unique resource called Gold Medals (a.k.a. gold badges). Gold Medals can be acquired by:

  • Donating rare Mini-boss/MVP drops to the Guild Donation
  • Receive from special rewards like event quests


FAQs about Runes

Can I reset my Runes?

Yes! Just click the middle shiny rune and click the Reset button on the lower right. It will cost you zeny of course.

What happens to my Contributions if I leave the Guild?

Half of your medals/contributions will be removed, so make sure to use them all on Runes before leaving.

What happens to my Runes if I leave the Guild?

Nothing. They will not be affected.



As you can see, the Runes talent tree system gives you a lot of bonuses, so you should unlock it as soon as you can and start saving up on Guild medals. Just be patient, it will be a long term process!