Guide to EXP and Drop Rate Penalties due to Level Gap

When grinding on monsters in Ragnarok Mobile: Trinity, whether you’re farming of Zeny or Leveling Up, you should watch out for your target monster’s levels.

If there’s a huge level gap between your base level and your target’s level, experience (EXP) and drop rate penalties will apply.


EXP/Drop Rate Penalties

There are two types of EXP and item/zeny drop rate penalties:

  1. When the monster’s level is higher than yours
  2. When the monster’s level is lower than yours

Monster Level is Higher

Level Gap EXP and Drop Rate
0–10 100%
11–20 80%
21+ 60%

Monster Level is Lower

Level Gap EXP and Drop Rate
1–10 100%
11–15 80%
16–20 60%
21–25 40%
26–30 20%
31+ 10%

Generally, you’ll start getting lower EXP and item/zeny drop rates if you’re 10 levels higher or lower than your target monster.

Here’s an example: if you’re at Level 82 and you’re Farming on Eggyras (Lv 61), then you have a 82 – 61 = 21 level gap.

Level gaps will reduce exp and drop rates due to penalties. Killing eggyras with Napalm Vulcan

This means you’ll only get 40% of the actual EXP and drop rates. So instead of Evil Horns dropping at a 23.59% chance, it will drop down to 23.59 * 0.4 = 9.436% rate only. That’s a huge difference!

That’s why it’s advisable to only farm mobs within a maximum of around 10-15 level gaps to prevent significant reductions in EXP and drop rate.

However, it’s totally fine to ignore the penalties if the drops are just too good and you can efficiently kill the mobs in one hit.