Adventurer Handbook

Adventurer Handbook

Adventure Handbook

This feature is a feature introduced in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love. You will be given Adventure Handbook after becoming job 1 or 1st class (talk to the NPC in front of the Adventure HQ building). The Handbook will store all notes such as Monster details, Equipments, Card Effect, Headwear, Pet, etc. In other words, this is an in-game database that you must use.

Adventure Level

To raise the Lv Adventure you need to collect and complete the Adventure Handbook. Examples such as killing and photographing monsters will give you Adventure EXP, besides that it will also open monster details after you take a photo of it. Very handy right?

Adventure Skill Point

Every time you go up the adventure level, you will be given 1 skill point that can be used to learn adventure skills.

Adventure Rank

Adventure Rank is a kind of license to access special Adventure skills that can be learned in a particular adventure rank. To get the license, you must run a quest to increase your Adventure Rank. Here are the adventure level requirements so you can open a quest to raise your Adventure Rank:

  • Apprentice (Adventure Lv. 1)
  • Scout (Adventure Lv. 5)
  • Rank F (Adventure Lv. 10)
  • Rank E (Adventure Lv.15)
  • Rank D (Adventure Lv. 20)
  • Rank C (Adventure Lv. 25)
  • Rank B (Adventure Lv. 30)
  • Rank A (Adventure Lv. ?)
  • Rank S (Adventure Lv. ?)

Note: The quest to raise Adventure Rank cannot jump, it must be done gradually!

Adventure Skill

Here I will not discuss Adventure Skill one by one, because later you can learn by yourself in the game. As I mentioned in the previous tutorial about Auto Skill Slots that are still locked and about Stay Alert, in this NPC you can buy and learn about the Adventure Skill.

Most Adventure Skills serve to help you play like an example of Stay Alert, but not all Adventure Skills you can buy and learn, you need Adventure Rank, Zeny, and Adventure Skill Points to learn these skills. That’s why it’s important that you collect and complete the Adventure Handbook.

Adventure EXP is obtained if taking photos at the specified location

Pro Tips: Don’t be lazy photos!

The biggest adventure EXP comes from a collection of photo albums. Look at the minimap, if there is a photo icon, take a photo in that location and claim the Adventure EXP in the Handbook. That way you will quickly level up the Adventure at the beginning of the game. Besides, if you take a monster photo every time you meet a new monster, and kill the monster to get Adventure EXP and details of monster information in the Handbook menu.

Not all location photos will open directly, some are open by completing the photo quest first and some photo locations are hidden, here are hidden location links .

Pro Tips: Better your own headwear craft than buying so!

If you know, every time you complete in the Adventure Handbook, you will be given additional status. For example in the picture, if you craft headwear yourself you will be given a status bonus from “Craft” for one headwear. If you don’t want to wear it, you can save it in the Handbook and you will get a status bonus from “Deposite”. Many veteran players collect headwear for only those two statuses.

Pro Tips: Adventure Handbook is shared in one account!

Yes, unlike when it was first released on the Chinese server, each character has their own handbook and must collect from the beginning.

For now do not worry, all you collect will be the same in all characters, including the status bonus that you get from the Adventure Handbook. So don’t be surprised if you later see a small level character with big damage, because the damage can be obtained from the inheritance of Handbook status from the main character in one account.

Pro Tips: Eden Coin

Every time you collect part of the Adventure Handbook you will sometimes get Eden Coin. You can use Eden Coin to buy Headwear / Headgear Recipes in Miss Smile’s NPC. Besides that you can use Eden Coin to swap into material on Lucky Vendor NPCs .

If you feel you need a lot of Eden Coin, Eden Coin you can get by completing the Daily Quest, Training Ground (explained on another page).

Pro Tips: Monster Avatar

Yep you can use monster avatar instead of your avatar character. You must complete the achievement kill to open the avatar monster. The following is the list of Achivement:

  • Common Monster: 1 kill, 2000 kill, 10.000 kill, dan 20.000 kill
  • Miniboss: 1 kill, 10 kill, dan 100 kill
  • MVP: 1 kill, 10 kill, then 50 kill